Monday, April 30, 2007

...and back again...

Hi, again.

I've been lazy, and let this lapse (I know, no posts since July last year!). Now I want to resurrect my blog - in order to post some interesting things that I've been working on.

Firstly some news about Crunchy: Since I last posted it has been renamed from Crunchy Frog to just plain Crunchy. This was because of another project called CrunchyFrog. The AJAX based IO system that I mentioned last July has finally come together in the last couple of months as part of a complete rewrite of Crunchy - with a plugin-based architecture (more on that soon), a very neat HTTP Server (with COMET capabilities) &c &c.

And finally some personal news: I successfully completed the Summer of Code last year as a student, and am acting as a mentor this year (for Bryan Psimas - a very promising student from the states). I'm also working in the City of London this year: as a techie at an investment bank.

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