Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Progress so far

I'm a naturally impatient person, so I actually started working on the project on Monday - 48 hours before I actually got confirmation I was in.

So far I've succeeded in removing the dependency on CherryPy using the BaseHTTPServer module from the Python base libraries. This was actually quite fun, because I've written a simple HTTP server in C before, but the Python version is far more elegant. Note that while I have replaced the whole server, it didn't actually mean using much more code - which really goes to show how unnecessary CherryPy is when you're doing something moderatley simple.

I am told that Elementtree is in Python 2.5, so getting rid of it isnt a priority at all (thankfully).

I've sent the code to Andre, so hopefully we'll see something like this in a release soon.

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